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Hello, I'm Paldo! 

I am an ʻĀkohekohe and some people know me as a Hawaiian Honeycreeper! I live in the eastern part of Maui, Hawaii. I have a flowy crest on my face that helps pollinate native flowers as I move from flower to flower. [1] 

Pronouns: He/Him, they/them

Cool things about me [2] 

I’m the largest Honeycreeper on Maui. 

I’m a nectarivorous, which means I love to eat nectar made by plants. 

As an adult, I prefer to live at high elevations. 

Podcast by Jacqueline Joya

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to Paldo!

Thinking question:

What do you think it would be like to be a bird?

Juvenile Akohekohe 2-5.jpg

Credit: Alex Wang

As a juvenile or young ʻĀkohekohe, my favorite plant, ohi’a is found everywhere.  When I can’t find my favorite food then I will eat other things such as caterpillars, spiders, and dipterans. I may travel far to look for my own territory. As an adult, I am very territorial. I do not share my space with  younger birds. When I am 2 yrs old, I will start looking to make a nest of my own. [3]

Hello all! Paldo Here! 


Let me take you behind the scenes and tell you about my life as an ʻĀkohekohe. My parents met in October. Nesting season is from November through June. They created an open cup nest in the canopy of the Oh’ia tree. Both of my parents participated in taking care of me as an egg and as a nestling. I had one sister but many ʻĀkohekohe are only chlldren. After I hatched and reached independence, I moved out of the nest to search for my own territory. [3]

IMG_3571 2.jpg
Photo Credit: Robby Kohley
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